We’ve been representing regulation corporations in their search for office space for decades, and we’ve seen how a close to-term hire expiration can come to be an inflection factor for small and medium-sized regulation companies. Sometimes, it forces companions to confront their personal financial commitments or even the destiny of the firm.

Traditionally, those smaller firms could not often see the need to market themselves through the aesthetics and design of their office space. Lower billable quotes and niche information have been frequent enough to attract in new customers, even as they’re greater intimate and entrepreneurial way of life helped to draw young lawyers who regarded boutiques as offering a higher lifestyle with a greater predictable path to becoming associate.

However, while large regulation corporations have been decreasing their overhead for over a decade by means of taking much less (however more green) area to live aggressively, help worker fitness and enhance overall performance, we agree with that the time has come for boutique firms to follow healthily.


According to Jennifer Mannier, Senior Strategist at the worldwide architecture and layout firm M Moser Associates, “attorneys entering the staff want to paintings in areas that appearance greater like consulting corporations than conventional regulation companies.” Seeing a sluggish circulate far from “area as status”, Mannier shows that companies make investments extra in “wet areas” instead of me areas”, with an extra awareness on social and collaboration areas, overall performance, and universal worker enjoy.

Given this rapid-evolving nature of labor, right here are 4 guidelines you need to take into account as a partner for your boutique law firm whilst thinking about your workspace:
1. Are we allowing enough time to plan?

Starting at the least 18 months earlier than your hire expires, you and your companions have to meet and talk thoughts for the version of the firm’s enterprise model, and the way your approaching occupancy decision and approach are a possibility to cope with a progression towards those goals.

If you’re a greater established company with older companions, consumer succession is obviously critical. If the choice is to transport to a new area, more youthful, mid-level and older generational companions need to reach a compromise on investment destiny capital to move, compensating senior partners for his or her books of business, goodwill, and so on.
2. Should We Stay or Should We Go?

The simplest manner to reply to this query is to methodically discover all alternatives in the open market.

If your inclination is to stay, it’s far nonetheless important which you conspicuously identify practicable alternatives (your landlord need to be made conscious you are looking someplace else) to create leverage. Landlords do no longer need to lose tenancies, but they understand that inertia activates maximum tenants to resume and will exploit lazy tenants through supplying beneath-market concessions and charging above-marketplace hire. Make your landlord compete for your tenancy.

If you feel your cutting-edge office can’t safely meet your company’s future desires and vision, we endorse identifying several “built-to-in shape” alternatives with the landlord who is footing the invoice to design and construct your new space. While the firm will possibly nevertheless be out-of-pocket for the prices of furnishing and imparting technological infrastructure to any new area, it will nonetheless be tons much less than in case you had to bear the fee of construction as properly.

Three. Can we do more with less?

It’s vital for regulation company companions to realize that it’s miles certainly feasible to provide top-stage provider in a smaller area.

We recently represented a small firm (approximately 20 attorneys) that occupied sixteen,000 rectangular feet of space on Madison Avenue that changed into each inefficient and tired, but with an expansive outdoor balcony. The companions believed it’d be impossible to locate space with similar out of doors get entry to on the equal charge nearby, so their strong proclivity became to stay regardless of our own notion that the most effective required about 10,000 square feet of area.

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