On Wednesday, former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker published an image of himself to Twitter, wherein he’s wearing a snug pair of dark-wash denim, palms resting proudly on his denim-clad hips, and a grin that announces he honestly loves the way those slacks fit. But Walker did no longer simply put up this photo for arrogance functions. No. Those shape-becoming, bootcut jeans constitute Walker’s first and only time advocating for girls.

“In guide of sexual assault sufferers, I’m carrying denim on #DenimDay #DenimDay2019,” Walker wrote along with the photograph.

Denim Day is a campaign prepared by means of the institution Peace Over Violence, that got here up with the concept for the day in the Nineties, after the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction due to the fact the victim become sporting tight jeans, and consequently (consistent with the ruling) must have helped her attacker eliminate her pants, implying consent.

On their internet site, the Denim Day organizers ask that, on April 24, “network individuals, elected officers, agencies and students … make a social statement with their fashion assertion through carrying denim in this day as a visible means of protest against the misconceptions that surround sexual violence.”


It is genuinely a profitable reason, but it’s a bit difficult to take Walker’s show of help for sufferers of sexual assault (who generally tend, overwhelmingly, to be ladies) significantly given, nicely, his complete profession.

In 2015, as an instance, as governor of Wisconsin, he signed right into a law a bill that banned abortions after 20 weeks, without exceptions for cases of rape or incest. “I suggest, I think for the majority who are concerned approximately that [rape and incest], it’s in the initial months in which they’re maximumly concerned approximately it,” he explained on a nearby tv station while pushing for the bill (it’s far doubtful whether he became wearing jeans on the time). He also signed a regulation that required everybody seeking an abortion to go through an ultrasound, and called the invasive procedure, “Just a groovy factor out there.”
In addition, he defunded Planned Parenthood across Wisconsin, pushed for the elimination of a law that required coverage groups to cowl contraceptives, repealed the nation’s comprehensive sex-education regulation, and additionally repealed its same pay regulation.

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