The primary of a standard faculty in Fukuoka Prefecture painted a mark on an avenue to stop site visitors and make certain the protection of his pupils. Police, but, stated he crossed the line.

The main become fined forty,000 yen ($357) for violating the Road Traffic Law with the aid of drawing the white line on a road without permission.

The incident befell in March 2018 at a T-shaped intersection on a two-lane prefectural road within the principal part of the prefecture.

The intersection has traffic alerts and a prevent line for motors in the front of a pedestrian crosswalk.


However, students use a pathway on a 35-meter-lengthy phase of a slope that ends at the prefectural avenue properly earlier than the forestall line. The essential became seemingly involved that kids going for walks down the slope should ruin into waiting cars.

So he spray-painted a white “prevent” line on the prefectural road in which the slope ends, about 15 meters before the actually prevent line. That way, cars ready on the intersection might now not block the pathway at the slope.

“I thought it became risky because kids descending the slope should run into cars awaiting the visitors mild to alternate,” the important later told the city’s education board.

But the important’s properly-that means act caused somebody to make an emergency name to police in April 2018.

Fukuoka prefectural police in July despatched the case to prosecutors as a suspected violation of the Road Traffic Law.

The most important acquired a summary order to pay a 40,000-yen nice on Aug. 1.

The city’s education board, which stated it had previously discussed safety at the intersection with the most important, issued a verbal reprimand to him.

The primary’s line changed into painted over in red to combination in with the load floor.

Police said the principal’s idea turned into now not best illegal however additionally useless as a protection degree.

“If the stop line is moved and redrawn were the principal recommended, a vehicle coming down the slope from the school to show left may want to input the intersection at a red light,” a prefectural police respectable stated.

The metropolis’s education board stated it will supply safety steering to scholars and inform them not to run down the slope.

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