Indicating that the authorities have to bring about harsher penalties for serious street visitors offenses, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said he asked the law reform commissioner to study the problem “in order that we can have proper law to address present day society”.

He becomes responding to a United States Department of State report titled, ‘Bahamas 2019 Crime and Safety Report’, which raised extreme issues about crime and site visitors fatalities in The Bahamas, amongst other matters.

“It’s coincidental because just on Tuesday, I expressed similar situation to my Cabinet colleagues that we need to have a look at the site visitors legislation because our fines must be lots harsher than what we are seeing,” he advised reporters at the same time as on Inagua Wednesday.

“There has to be vehicular manslaughter.


“We ought to study that due to the fact it is insulting for individuals who have knocked to hit down a specific man or woman and them in the end die and it’s miles just basically a slap at the wrist.

“I assume which could have series repercussions within the global community with time.

“I assume the fines need to be lots harsher.

“I have spoken to the law reform commissioner and requested them to observe visitors fines, violations and so on. So that we can have the right regulation to deal with modern-day day society.

As it relates to street safety and street conditions, the file pointed out there was a 29 percentage growth in traffic-related deaths in 2018 in comparison to the preceding year.

It referred to that some site visitors injuries have involved travelers.

“Cars have struck tourists who failed to test properly for oncoming site visitors; the car has struck runners and cyclists,” the file study.

It endured, “Driver from time to time show opposed inclinations and power recklessly, passing on the right into oncoming site visitors. Many motorists disobey prevent signs and symptoms, velocity limits and traffic alerts.”

It additionally said while police have elevated enforcement of site visitors regulation, it stays much less than the usual within the U.S. And site visitors, specifically pedestrians, cyclists and runners have to “exercising intense warning”.

“While it’s miles against the law, drinking and riding is not unusual; police on occasion enforce the ban, ensuing in severa visitors injuries and fatalities, which includes a few regarding tourists strolling or on motor scooters.

“Traffic injuries pose a protection threat in some components of The Bahamas, typically due to illiberal drivers dashing and riding recklessly.”

The document also expressed concern with the safety of the street networks on severa Family Islands, indicating that they’re regularly poorly lit and are in want of protection and restore.

In March, Parliament exceeded amendments to the Road Traffic Act that could criminalize the use of cell phones at the same time as driving and having open alcoholic drinks in a motor car.

It could also make the failure of motive force to produce his or her call and deal with; the call and address of the proprietor of the automobile or certificate of insurance referring to that automobile, a crook offense.

A driver might also be required to pay all tremendous traffic offense-associated fines earlier than she or he may be granted a driver’s license of a public provider driver’s license, the bills notes

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