Since the Law Society appointed its first president in 1841, best 5 have been women. Ensuring the next 169 are female attorneys, Christina Blacklaws suggests mischievously, might even the rating.

As the 174th president of the organization that represents solicitors in England and Wales, the outstanding family lawyer has made the cause of improving the gender balance in the male-dominated felony career certainly one of her priorities.

Since 2014, more than 60% of the latest solicitors every 12 months have been girls, yet only 50.2% of practicing solicitors in England and Wales are female. In law companies, simply 30.Eight% of partners are women. In the United Kingdom’s preferred court docket, 1 / 4 of judges may also now be lady, but ladies make up best 15.Eight% of QCs.

The figures reveal that senior positions within the felony profession are nevertheless occupied overwhelmingly through men and that the pace of change is extremely sluggish – regardless of lots being carried out via law companies to make bendy running and childcare greater widely to be had. Blacklaws commissioned a chain of roundtable meetings, surveys, and targeted reports, which confirmed that subconscious bias in recruitment and paintings allocation changed into the most extensively recognized barrier to equality, accompanied with the aid of unacceptable paintings-lifestyles balances. That accords with current research through the American Bar Association displaying that girls are leaving in their overdue 40s and 50s due to the fact they have had sufficient. Many are quitting simply at the time whilst they may be maximum value to their companies. That can’t be top enterprise exercise.


“The lack of career progression is not best [due to the absence of] childcare,” Blacklaws observes. “In a number of the bigger law companies, the share of ladies in fairness partnerships is [only] eleven% or 12%. These are sticky figures. Not changing. It’s deplorable and it’s a sizable fear. There should be greater girls than men [given the profession’s intake]. It’s just terrible for commercial enterprise.”

In City regulation companies, she comments, a profession as a partner lasts on common 15 years earlier than “burnout”. There is a “lengthy-hours way of life”. Respondents to the Law Society’s survey additionally recognized the “masculine shape of the regulation” as a big disincentive for plenty of ladies. “Drinking inside the bar and everything around sports activities in the evening,” Blacklaws explains. And a number of ladies admitted they only reached senior positions through becoming “guys-formed girls” – installing the hours ingesting, gambling golfing or enduring overdue operating nights.

“It takes plenty of undoing to assume and act in another way [otherwise] we revert to operating a vintage bias, which does lead to discrimination,” says Blacklaws. “So it’s vital that there are such things as training and profession champions whose activity is to maintain [the issue] alive, most specifically while it’s approximately recruitment and remuneration.”

“We want guys to step up and take responsibility,” she adds. “They are a key a part of the solution.”

Yet a hundred years after the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act sooner or later removed regulations on ladies getting into the professions or holding civil posts, there is little not unusual floor among the sexes on redressing gender inequality: 74% of guys surveyed said there were precise development, even as only 48% of ladies agreed. The act acquired royal assent on 23 December 1919; per week later, Ada Summers, mayor of Stalybridge, became the first girl justice of the peace. The following year in Glasgow, Madge Easton Anderson was the first girl admitted as a solicitor.

Blacklaws believes that having more lady judges – and specifically greater senior judges, which include Lady Hale, who is president of the preferred court docket – ought to begin to change the character of the law.

Having superior thru the felony ranks – Blacklaws formerly ran her personal enterprise and directed the Co-Operative Legal Services – she is decided to help other ladies make similarly development.

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