It is widely recognized that nearly each Supreme Court case is in want of a propose-on-document (AOR), and numerous legal professionals and regulation corporations have made this a core a part of their Supreme Court practice. After analyzing greater than a hundred and twenty,000 of the Supreme Court’s each day orders from 2018, we’ve got now compiled a listing of the busiest recommend-on-report (AOR) companies in the apex court, according to the number of orders citing their names.

Of the AOR corporations, Agarwal Law Associates is a powerhouse, entirely thru the AOR exercise of its founder and AOR EC Agrawala, who changed into chargeable for 645 topics in 2018. Partner (and EC Agrawala’s son) Mahesh Agarwal informed us final year that a significant wide variety of instructions got here immediately from lawyers, with around 50% of the company’s AOR paintings coming from states along with Maharashtra and Gujarat, with a specific focus on paintings in energy, telecoms, ports, insolvency, and financial disaster.


Next up is SM Jadhav & Co, which in its very own name and that of AOR Shivaji M Jadhav, has greater than 292 specific entries (such as, however, as Mr Jadhav as an advocate, as opposed to an AOR, even though this fact is not continually consistent inside the SC orders).

Coming in 0.33 is litigation powerhouse Karanjawala & Co (which has treated at least 255 AOR filings in 2018 thru its in-residence AOR exercise), also together with AOR filings by using associate Manik Karanjawala (who commonly files through the firm, however from time to time additionally in her very own name), as well as appearances via a number of Karanjawala’s legal professionals.

Managing associate Raian Karanjawala said: “Frankly we started our practice within the Supreme Court – I become born in that court docket, so become my wife – so we needed to be the entirety in residence, we couldn’t farm out our exercise to others. We began inside the Supreme Court and stayed there for many years.”

“In 1990, I was given Indian Airlines as a customer, and because Indian Airlines doesn’t have a lot of litigation law however labor disputes and consumer forum [cases], that’s what made me expand. That is what surely grew our exercise,” Karanjawala explained, approximately how the company’s practice multiplied to patron forum, high courts, and trial courts. In any case, on the Supreme Court “cash isn’t always within the submitting, we do the complete matter”, he introduced, even though we take into account that a few other full-provider firms additionally teach Karanjawala as its AOR.

Other AOR firms inside the pinnacle ranks with the aid of extent are PLR Chambers & Co (249 filings), Lawyers Knit & Co (222 filings) and Parekh & Co (218 filings) alongside loads of different companies.

Update 27 April 2019: Fourth-ranked PLR Chambers & Co is the AOR firm this is a part of PLR Chambers, which changed into began by former Amarchand policy companion Suhaan Mukerji in 2013. “I am focusing on litigation as the subsequent phase of boom after putting in place the company due to the fact litigation compliments a regulatory and policy practice very well,” he defined, noting that the firm had cases within the Supreme Court for clients along with Tik Tok. “Also given our regulatory exercise has an all India footprint we’re capable of additionally cover litigation all the way down to the district stage across India. The improvement of the litigation exercise all India has been driven with the aid of me and Astha Sharma, Harsh Gursahani, Amit Verma and at the crook and white collar crime aspect by using Ravinder Singh and Chitralekha Das, all of whom are supported by means of their teams.”

AORs can fee something from Rs 5,000, with fees frequently increasing for greater complex or high-value topics up to Rs 40,000 in line with AOR submitting for a few extra high priced AORs firms (which includes Karanjawala, in step with numerous regulation firm litigators we spoke to).

At the less expensive quit, it is also a properly-rehearsed complaint on the Supreme Court that some AORs certainly “lend out their call” for filings, without being actively concerned in a count (that is technically no longer alleged to happen according to the AOR guidelines).

The full-provider AOR companies within the Supreme Court

But besides near-pureplay AOR filing corporations, a number of the complete-service corporate companies have also registered as AOR corporations, which in some cases handle nearly one hundred% of the company’s filings in the Supreme Court.

Of the large companies, Khaitan & Co turned into the busiest, at seventh normal rank out of all AOR corporations: its captive AOR firm, under whose call nine Khaitan in-residence AORs document matters, had its call attached to 213 separate case numbers in the Supreme Court.

Next up became Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas’s (SAM) AOR exercise, which operates underneath the AOR firm exercise of its chairman SS Shroff. His call is connected to 109 Supreme Court subjects, putting it in the 15th region out of all AOR firms (J Sagar Associates (JSA) is tied with SAM right here, although its wide variety ought to sincerely be higher – see below).

The subsequent largest AOR exercise, out of fuller-provider firms, is MV Kini & Associates, to which 88 cases were connected inside the Supreme Court in the twenty-second area.

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas – a relative newcomer to Delhi after it’s cut up from SS Shroff, which had handled all of erstwhile Amarchand Mangaldas’ blended subjects – is likewise now running its personal AOR company, and has controlled to rack up a massive 87 filings, putting it in twenty third place out of all Supreme Court AOR corporations.

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