The United States revoked the visa of the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, for her tries to open an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by way of the U.S. In Afghanistan. A week later, judges at the ICC rejected Bensouda’s request to open an investigation into U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan.

While rights advocates condemned this pass as amounting to U.S. Interference in the workings of the ICC, it’s more alarming than mere obstruction – and is rooted within the pre-present hierarchy and embedded colonial structures in worldwide prison order.

Bensouda’s visa revocation underscores the existing systematic inequality in worldwide criminal order. This is rooted inside the presumed hierarchy by means of a set of elite nations that have ruled worldwide order from a function of assumed racial, cultural, political, ancient, cloth, financial and criminal superiority.

These trends are available mild of remarks made through the Trump administration’s countrywide safety marketing consultant, John Bolton, who delegitimized the role of the ICC in a speech he delivered in September 2018. He stated that “the U.S. Will take any means vital” to triumph over “unjust prosecution via this illegitimate Court.”


Countries just like the U.S. Have always enjoyed dominance thru this presumed superiority, enabling them to signify different international locations are like-minded in relation to the worldwide criminal order.

The U.S. And other effective international locations have not handiest been successful in preserving the popularity quo of imbalance inherent in global law, but have additionally been instrumental in organizing the guidelines governing that prison order.

With tectonic political shifts the world over, the ICC’s representatives – and jurists like Bensouda – represent a number of the ultimate vestiges of resisting the dominant worldwide prison order through trying to preserve the West liable for their transgressions within the international South.

Unfortunately, however, the Court’s unwillingness to move beyond its imperial roots is obvious from the decision to reject Bensouda’s request. The ICC has blatantly redefined the notion of “justice” and has been preoccupied with African states while turning a blind eye to equally severe crimes devoted via the U.S.
Meddling is recurring

Needless to mention, U.S. Interference and intervention in dozens of sovereign kingdom states is common. Meddling with the functioning of one of the maximum judicial our bodies in the global is consequently a familiar pattern of American supremacy within the international felony order.

The flow by way of the U.S. To revoke Bensouda’s visa is an expression of that supremacy via intimidation and bullying of representatives of international institutions. However, it also factors to the U.S. Wielding power inside the age of its new-discovered feel of self-alienation, which manifests into ongoing imperialist dispositions that affect the choices made with the aid of worldwide establishments.

This perpetuates the West’s practice and tendency to use worldwide legal establishments along with the International Criminal Court to constantly persecute and demonize the global South.

Bensouda’s efforts have definitely not been halted through the U.S. Authorities’s circulate towards her. However, the revocation of her visa and the Court’s validation of any such circulate by way of rejecting Bensouda’s request increases questions about broader justice issues, what’s being taken into consideration inside the purview of the ICC, and the legitimacy of global law.

Such tactics ought to no longer come as a marvel. The U.S. Has had a long history of meant “exceptionalism” facilitated via international regulation on the subject of its participation in the global prison order and its violations of worldwide humanitarian and human rights regulation with impunity.

For example, the U.S. Supreme Court in 2006 qualified the so-referred to as struggle on terror as a form of armed warfare. However, as Jeremy Waldron, a professor at New York University School of Law, mentioned, the U.S. Consistently violated the Geneva Conventions all through the war via superb rendition strategies and unlawful detention. This was carried out under the pretext that the unique class of armed warfare that the U.S. Turned into concerned in lacked express mention within the Geneva Conventions.

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