The information of Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Bezos’s divorce grabbed a lot of headlines currently as the couple worked out one thousand million dollar agreement. When it comes to India, maintenance and alimony are subjects of top-notch debate. Hence, it constantly helps to recognize the fundamentals.

In layman’s terms, alimony and renovation is monetary compensation granted to a partner who’s not able to assist himself or herself. “The repayment depends on the matrimonial laws specific to particular religions. Or civil laws like the Special Marriage Act 1954 and a hundred twenty five CrPc Common Social Welfare Law,” stated Mumbai-based totally legal professional Mrunalini Deshmukh. Broadly speaking, there are two varieties of alimony and renovation. “For the sake of understanding, we can say that the renovation amount is given for the duration of the time of courtroom proceedings. The second type is given after the legal separation. The former is referred to as interim alimony and protection and the latter is called permanent alimony and maintenance,” said Deshmukh.


Permanent alimony is a provision that comes into impact upon the dissolution of the marriage or judicial separation. Here the amount constant by means of the court is required to be paid either as a lump sum quantity or as a hard and fast periodic payment. These payments prevent the death of either of the spouse or date given with the aid of the judge.

Under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, both husband and wife can ask for it. “But, it’s generally the female who gets the renovation from the husband. But there were instances wherein the court has ordered the wife to pay protection. For example, in case of husband’s physical disability that prevents him from incomes,” stated Mumbai-based recommend Pratibha Bangera at Top Rite Juris.

There is not anyone fixed system to determine the amount. There are a number of things which might be taken into account. “There are different factors like income of each spouse, their widespread of living, economic status, the internet really worth, as well as every man or woman’s monetary need, that are taken into account,” said suggest Bangera. “Generally, it’s 1/3rd to 1/fifth gross earnings of the spouse who has to pay when it’s a lump sum alimony and now not more than 25% of husband’s profits as monthly upkeep as per a Supreme Court judgment remaining April,” he added.

If the girl is earning and there’s a tremendous difference among her internet worth and her husband’s internet really worth, she nevertheless can be granted alimony for the identical residing requirements as her husband’s.

“Alimony does now not constitute toddler aid,” said Deshmukh. Maintenance of children has to be supplied separately. “The husband isn’t always required to pay in case the spouse remarries, although he nevertheless is supposed to pay a maintenance amount to aid children,” stated Bangera. Common experience says a lump sum quantity is higher than a periodic payment. After all, a rupee nowadays is extra valuable that a rupee day after today as in keeping with time value of money. Lump sum offers greater reality, plus it’s no longer taxable either. As ways as regular constant pay are going, it may forestall after some time in case of the spouse’s task loss, plus it is taxed in the arms of the receiver.

In case the spouse stops or delays payments there’s a resource.“You can approach the court in such a case and petition the court to attach the husband’s salary,” stated Bangera. Here the maintenance amount is deduced by using the spouse’s organization and given to you before the person is paid the income. “All form of jewelry, belongings and different valuables, together with coins, home equipment, devices, given to the female at marriage, before marriage or all through the direction of marriage is part of streedhan. This includes items given from own family, spouse and children, friends, husband, in-legal guidelines and associates. This additionally consists of the lady’s incomes earlier than or after marriage in addition to financial savings and investments made from her earnings,” stated Bangera.

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