That case quick settled (so, it’s probably K-Mart just paid off Rasta Imposta to go away), however around the same time the business enterprise had sued a few different groups over similar costumes, including one operation known as Kangaroo Manufacturing, for making a comparable banana gown. As we had referred to at the time of the Kmart case, traditionally, there is been no diagnosed copyright in costumes, due to the fact articles of clothing are taken into consideration uncopyrightable. Except, in a simply lousy Supreme Court ruling in 2017, the court docket swung open the door to clothing/dress copyrights, via arguing that certain factors in a bit of garb can be considered copyrightable as “layout” instead of as a “useful article” (which isn’t always concern to copyright).

And, for that reason, closing yr a District Court choose issued an injunction against Kangaroo Manufacturing, arguing that it’s banana costume probable infringed at the banana gown of Rasta Imposta. The court, not notably, cites that awful Star Athletica Supreme Court ruling to argue that elements of the banana gown are separable and hence may be protected with the aid of copyright. Rasta argued that the subsequent elements were separable and might be included by using copyright:

Rasta Imposta claims the following as the precise features of the banana design: the overall shape and cutout holes of the costume, the black ends of the banana, and the vertical traces strolling down the center of the banana.


Really. The decrease court docket dominated that the cutout holes are not difficult to copyright, as they’re utilitarian, however, decides in any other case at the shape, lines, and black ends of the banana. Oh, and additionally the placement of the cutout holes, rather than the holes themselves. Which is… Bananas. The following is from a real, real court ruling:

The Court can easily become aware of the functions of the Banana Costume having a pictorial, image, or sculptural first-rate.

These capabilities consist of: a) the overall length of the costume, b) the overall form of the design in terms of curvature, c) the period of the shape each above and below the torso of the wearer, d) the shape, length, and jet black colour of both ends, e) the area of the pinnacle and arm cutouts which dictate how the costume drapes on and protrudes from a wearer (instead of the mere life of the cutout holes), f) the smooth, clean, almost bright look and experience of the selected artificial fabric, g) the parallel traces which mimic the ridges on a banana in 3-dimensional form, and h) the intense color of a golden yellow and uniform shade that looks distinct from the extra muted and inconsistent tones of a herbal banana.

The courtroom does then basically argue that Kangaroo’s Banana is manner too just like Rasta Imposta’s banana and that there could be other ways to design a banana dress:

Rasta Imposta provides this Court with twenty-one banana costumes available within the marketplace which are without difficulty outstanding from Rasta Imposta’s design, which indicates that the limited number of options requirement necessary for merger to apply is absent. (Arena Decl. Ex. A). The Court has reviewed this submission and notes several precise ways of designing a banana costume. Nine The shape and curvature can vary, as can the life and coloration of guidelines to the banana. Bananas also can be designed to seem ripe, overripe, or unripe, ranging in shade from yellow to brown, to green. The form may be long or extra stout, pretty elongated or thin or plumper. The banana may be whole or in part peeled. There can also be the production of vertical strains and the texture and material can vary.

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